GForce Max Kit

GForce Max Kit
GForce Max Kit
GForce Max Kit
GForce Max Kit
GForce Max Kit
GForce Max Kit
With the Gforce Max, distortion-free glass scratch removal is not only possible—it’s also amazingly simple. The Gforce Max Kit was specifically designed for shop and facilities needing a one-step solution. If you’re looking for straightforward scratch removal with all of the force and none of the frills, this kit is for you.
WEIGHT 16 lbs
DIMENSIONS 18 × 16 × 8 in

Distortion-free Scratch Removal for Flat & Auto Glass
The GForce Max Kit includes:
• Medium Ballistic Case
• GForce Max 120v (240v) w/ GFCI
• Water Feed Bottle & Pump
• Metal Bottle Holder
• Nylon Bottle Holder
• Coiled Hose
• Quick Start Guide
• Complete USB Training
• Polishing Compound
• 2” Backer Pad
• 2” Polishing Disks (3 pack)
• Splash Guard
• IR Thermometer
• Polishing Machine Wrench
• Wire Roughing Brush
• Mixing Tool
• Ear Plugs (1 Pair)
• Dust Mask
• Safety Glasses

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541 853 Ft+Áfa = 688 153 Ft
Bonus point : 6 882 Ft
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